about zohreh

I called Beaumont, Texas home for the first eighteen years of my life.

Then I moved to Austin with aspirations of becoming a toy designer. Noticing that toy maker gigs are few and far between, I decided to switch gears, move to New England, and pursue my masters at the University of Connecticut with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy. While there I learned the ins and outs of marriage and family therapy while participating in research projects focusing on youth leadership and geropsychology.

After grad school, I moved to Michigan where I began to practice as an MFT within a residential facility for girls. I loved the children but the work was heartbreaking and after a few short years, I “retired” to focus on my own family. While at home I started learning graphic design in the evenings and before I knew it, I had a little graphic design business of my own. It was also during this time that I discovered my love of textiles, sewing, and modern quilting.

After being home for a few years I moved back to Austin, it was during this time that I started to think I needed to get back to work. Marriage and family therapists have awful hours and I knew that my heart wasn’t there. But what can a graphic designer/therapist do?

My brother-in-law suggested User Experience Design and after some research and finding out that my local college had just started a two-year program, I quickly signed up. I ended up graduating from the program in May of 2019 and I do have to say, this is so much fun!